Yes, Nekane is back!

16-04-2015 09:30
By Dani
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Spanish porn received some great news last week. Nekane was back on track! So, no better interview for this "Girl of the Month" -release than a quick chat with this hot pornstar before her return scene is released on CumLouder. A fantastic scene that five guys got the chance to experience live!

- So, you've done the scene a couple of days ago, how did everything go?

It went very well actually. I've loved being back on set. To tell the truth, I felt very comfortable, as always, and I also had the chance to work with Alberto Blanco, with whom I had never worked before.

- Did he do a good job? We always have a great laugh when we have to edit his scenes, here at the headquarters.

Yes, he's so funny. I also laughed a lot with him, we had a great time!

- How many scenes did you shoot with him? Is it one of the  biggest dicks you've ever seen?

I only did one scene with him, and yes, he's probably one of the biggest dicks I've ever had the pleasure to meet, together with Nick Moreno's one.

- I believe there was some audience at the shooting. Had you already worked with some audience watching you?

No, I had never done that before. It was something completely new for me. At first, I felt a bit nervous but that feeling disappeared immediately when I got into action.

- You've been for a while retired from the porn industry. How did it feel to be back?

Yes, I was a bit nervous because it was like starting all over again. But I have to say that I'm extremely  happy to be back at work.

- That's great to hear! When are we shooting more scenes? I think five won't be enough for all the expectation there is.

I'm ready to work again whenever you want! The truth is that five are few.

- Fantastic. What would you like to do? Is there any situation you've fantasized about or any place where you would like to shoot the scene?

Well... I've never had sex on the beach or I could also have a threesome with a girl and a boy, or something like that.

- Great, these are already two ideas for new scenes. By the way, we know you're crazy about comics. If I had known before, I would have planned your shootings for the Comic Week in Barcelona, so you could be there!

Yes, I know... It would have been great to be there but it will have to  be for the next time.

- Are you reading any comic at the moment? Are you following some series or playing some video games? Are you posting some new videos on your Youtube channel?

I didn't post much on Youtube lately because I haven't been playing any video game, but I may get back on it in the future. The last comic I've read was the Saga comic, which was great. Now I have to buy the second part.

- Breaking news! Your scene will be released on May 5th, 2015.

That's great! People won't have to wait too long to see it.

- Hopefully it doesn't get leaked like the Game of Thrones episodes.

Yeah, hopefully not!

- Do you follow the series?

Not really. Everyone says it is very good, but I didn't watch any series lately.

- Is it because you don't have time? Are you studying or doing anything else?

I'm not studying right now, although I would like to study English. The rest of the time I usually go to the gym. I also practice pole dance and spend as much time as possible with  my family.

- Yeah... You'll need to study English because from the moment your scenes will be published, you'll probably receive a lot of offers from all around Europe... Or did you already receive some?

Yes, I've already received some offers and that's why I really wanna do it because my English level is quite poor right now.

- You should, really. You just need a basis to work across Europe. There are a lot of European pornstars who don't speak fluent English and they're working.

I take note and promise I'll do it!

- Perfect! So, thanks for your time. It was a big pleasure having the chance to interview you!

Thank you, guys! See you soon ;)

25-07-2015 11:04
sartorious dice

Eso! Eso! Que le den por el culo a Nekane.

12-07-2015 10:54
NiceNiceNice dice

¡Queremos que le den por el CULO! a Nekane

07-05-2015 17:11
juan dice

Queremos diosas de la paja con españolas¡¡¡

03-05-2015 13:32
jexxx dice

keremos ke vuelva jenny hard tambien

30-04-2015 19:12
drvicio dice

Queremos a Fayna también!!

30-04-2015 10:35
dashingteacup dice

Welcome back, Nekane!

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