Amaranta Hank

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Amaranta Hank

Amaranta Hank

  • Videos: 15
  • Height: 1.68
  • Rating: 8.37
  • Weight: 60 Kg
  • Eye color: black
  • Date of Birth: 04-09-1992
  • Hair color: redhead
  • Nationality: Colombian

About Amaranta Hank:

Behind Amaranta Hank there's a story a lot more interesting than the headline that accompanies her ever since she decided to switch from journalism to porn. After six years writing articles about armed conflicts, this gorgeous Colombian started to toy with erotic writing. She wanted to try in her own flesh if she would be able to replicate what she saw in porn. Not only she was able to do it indeed but she also loved it. As an accomplished story-teller, we are pretty sure she's gonna live this experience to the fullest because, besides her work as a performer, Amaranta is already taking the le......

Amaranta Hank Porn Videos

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